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Workshop News

Published: 7th December 2018

Locos - After the end of the main season work is proceeding with boiler repairs to 6435 with patch screws to the inner firebox tubeplate and the replacement of some crown stays.  The ten-year overhaul of 5552 progresses and the wheels are back in the frames,   the valve spindles are being modified  and tubes are being fitted into the boiler.Unfortunately 4247 has had to be stopped for intermediate repairs and may be out of use for some months. The long term repairs to BR Class 47 47306 are also well-advanced and it awaits the return of the roof from contractors. An appropriate paint scheme has been applied with loving care!

Coaches - Work has started on the overhaul of BR Mk1 TSO 4656 to deal with the wear and tear of the last ten years.  Churchward "toplight"  2434 is now receiving final detail fittings as it comes towards the end of a massive rebuild. Currently it is sitting on the workshop's pillar jacks while the bogies are overhauled.

February Update

Locos- It is said that troubles come  in threes and panner tank 4612 also decided to pull a sicky with the result that a lot of copper welding was required to the inner firebox and also a crack in the left hand cylinder had to be metal stiched. Reassembly is now in hand.

The work on 6435's boiler continues and also most of the ashpan is being replaced.

47306  has had a nice new roof fitted, painting completed and other work continues to ready it for a test run.

5552's boiler has been tubed,  new washout plugs fitted and it has nearly reached the point where it can be filled with water.

Coaches - The toplight is back on its bogies and has moved out of the workshop to allow the RMB to have its steam heating pipes replaced and also a bogie swap. This is where the workshop pillar jacks are very useful.



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